Is Driving A Scooter in Bermuda Dangerous? Not with YouDrive™ Driving Tuition System

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Bermuda Scooter Rental and Safety Tips

Is riding a scooter in Bermuda dangerous? NO! Like any motorized vehicle, renting a scooter and driving it in Bermuda is only dangerous if you have not learned how to handle it. There is a reason why cars can’t be driven without a licence – drivers must be taught how to use them for their safety as much as anyone else’s.

At Elbow Beach Cycles, we ENSURE your safety via our unique YouDrive™ driving tuition system. 🙂

If you have never been on a scooter or moped, it shouldn’t stop you to rent one. It is a great form of transport in Bermuda and far cheaper than taxis and more flexible than buses.

The most important thing to consider when you rent a scooter or moped is to carefully choose the place where you do so.

We Elbow Beach Cycles put your safety at the top of our priorities and we would never let you drive away until we are sure you are confident on the road.

What makes scooters potentially dangerous is the side of the road where vehicles drive in Bermuda.

Because of the British-culture influence on the island – which has a status of a ‘British Overseas Territory’ – the convention is to drive on the left-hand side of the road. This means, that apart from Japanese, Indian, Australian and British tourists, everyone else coming to Bermuda needs time to get used to driving on the roads.

Bermuda scooter or moped rental bikes feature a red registration plate and this is very useful when driving on the Island.

Whenever you see another scooter, the red colour of the plate will tell you that it’s driven by a tourist to Bermuda and that he or she might not be so sure of what they are going to do next – unless you rent from Elbow Beach Cycles.

Remember, it is not only your driving that can be dangerous for yourself – others drivers around you can equally be dangerous for you. It’s no different to driving a car.

Also, you need to be aware of the regulations that apply to you if you are driving a scooter. As visitors, you are expected to respect the Island and will be fined like any other resident if you trespass. You should, in particular, pay attention to the speed limit of 22mph (35kmh) for every vehicle (most rental scooters will not be able to go faster) and you need a fastened helmet at all times – which we supply, free.

Scooters and mopeds are no more dangerous than cars – it all depends who’s operating them.

Avoid danger. Avoid accidents. Be safe, respect the law, and get proper training with Elbow Beach YouDrive™ scooter rental – for 100% piece of mind.

Get on your bike and get up to 15% discount! Rent a scooter, moped or bike from Elbow Beach Cycles and get a 10% off your scooter if you book online NOW. AND, if you book early enough and pre-pay your scooter hire, you’ll get a 15% discount!

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