Get on your Bike to the Bridge Bermuda Regional Tournament 2013!

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Bridge Rounded Suits in Bermuda!

The fabulous Fairmont Southampton Hotel is the location of the prodigious 2013 Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament. It is the event often considered the Mount Everest of card games, making Bermuda a centre for high stakes Bridge. 

This is a legendary contest, which apparently many top ranking players would like to attempt just once. Well, now they have the opportunity, when the Regional Bridge Tournament goes ahead on the week of January the 26th to February the 1st 2013. This is when, in its 54th glorious year, it looks set to be the customary display of skill and tactics, featuring the leading Bridge players in the world.

This tournament is known for the quality of the organisation, as well as the stunning setting. This makes it a memorable occasion for those with a passion for bridge, be it the contestants and the Tournament Directors, under the supervision of Sol Weinstein.

There is a lot more to the Bermuda Regional Tournament though than just playing Bridge. This will, of course, be the main activity of the week, with games scheduled for the morning, afternoon and evening. There will also be a variety of free events and entertainment post-games as well.

The tournament starts in style with the ever-popular Charity Game, during which participants are expected to wear black tie. This is as well as the final night event. For the rest of the tournament though, the dress style is smart-casual. Everyone is welcome at the Bermuda Regional Tournament, from players to their non-playing partners,  alongside those traveling on their own

The event will also include breaks from bridge, with various activities and entertainment provided. These include, among others, free lectures from tournament experts, panel games, a fun cocktail party and a prize giving ceremony.

The Bermuda Regional Tournament is reputed for its fun and friendly, along with a classy atmosphere. The final night is marked with a banquet, followed by a Gala Dinner Dance. This makes up the traditional tournament entertainment. The Fairmont Southampton hotel has many activities on offer while staging the tournament. It also offers great rates for those taking part in the Bermuda Regional Tournament.

The Bermuda Regional Tournament is definitely an event that every bridge player should attend at least once. The charm of Bermuda will take your game to another level.

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