Bermuda Railway Trail

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Feel like taking a walking holiday around Bermuda and enjoying the scenery? Then why not catch The Bermuda Railway Trail? This is a spectacular walkway and biking lane across a large stretch of land. It had previously been part of the railway track. But it is now a tourist excursion covering the island.

The railway service was first set up in October 1931. But, seventeen years later, in 1948, the then government of Bermuda shut the railway down. They believed it was them surplus to requirements. The railway trail extending across the countryside lay unused and abandoned for decades.

However, in 1984, the railways were rejuvenated in the interests of tourism. It received a second wind as a trail way for walkers, hikers and cyclist. 18 miles of the trail is now open to the public.

It provides folk with an incredible opportunity to explore Bermuda’s stunning countryside and scenic ocean views. It leads from one end of the island to the other. The trail begins at St George at the east. It passes through the various parishes of Bermuda. The trail meets various tribes road on the way. It also takes in the northern shore and the capital city of Hamilton, ending up at Somerset in the west.

This adds up an incredible means of exploring the island. Just follow the Railway trail.

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