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A street map of Bermuda to start planning your holidays!

If you look attentively to a Bermuda street map, you will quickly understand why it is such a great holiday destination.

Bermuda is a paradise on earth, a place that Mark Twain, author of the ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ thought could be better than heaven!

On its own in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a group of more than a hundred islands covering a total of 58.8 square kilometres (22.7 square miles), of which twenty really are inhabitable, and six hosting the majority of the population: Ireland Island with the Royal Naval Dockyard (King’s Wharf); Boaz Island; Somerset Island; the Main Island (also simply called Bermuda, or Great Bermuda) with the capital city and port Hamilton, St-George Island with the third Bermuda port of the same name; and St-David’s Island with the International Airport.

Looking on a Bermuda map, it is obvious that wherever you are on the islands, you are not far from the blue and crystal clear ocean. The islands draw a thin and long ribbon in the form of a ‘j’ with103 kilometres (64 miles) of coastline where you can find Bermuda’s renowned beaches of pink sand, the biggest mainly located on the south. While they are characterised as hilly islands, Bermuda’s highest point is a poor 76 meters above sea level, which might seems high enough to climb given the subtropical climate of the area!

A close-up of a Bermuda street map and its surrounding waters would reveal hundreds of shipwrecks sites. After being led ashtray from their route by the Gulf Stream or occasional hurricanes, they have crashed on Bermuda’s shallow reef. The combination of shallow waters and remarkable visibility provides divers and snorkellers with one of the best spot in the world for wreck diving.

The position of the islands makes for beautiful sounds or seaways, especially the Great Sound at the southwest of the archipelago that forms a natural harbour surrounded by part of the Main Island, Somerset Island, Boaz Island and Ireland Island, and only open to the Atlantic Ocean at the northeast. Within the Great Sound lie numerous islands such as Darrell’s Island, Hawkins Island, Hinson’s Island, Long Island and Marshall’s Island.

The administrative Bermuda map is divided in two municipalities (Hamilton and Saint-George) and nine bermuda parishes:

  1. Devonshire
  2. Hamilton
  3. Paget
  4. Pembroke
  5. Saint-George’s
  6. Sandys
  7. Smith’s
  8. Southampton and Warwick

You can tell Bermuda parish names clearly acknowledge the British heritage of this former colony (now overseas territory) of the UK!

But even the best Bermuda map cannot represent well enough what an exceptional it is: you need to see for yourself the colour of the sand, the purity of the ocean, and the beauty of this place that has kept its authenticity.

Bermuda Map

The best way to get around Bermuda is by moped, or bike. Be sure to drop in and book yours!

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