Bermuda Jet Skiing

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Jetskiing in Bermuda

Watersports are very popular in Bermuda and with water and air temperatures high in the 20’s, it is easy to understand why! Snorkelling is of course a favourite here with shipwrecks, caves and reefs offering hours and hours of exploring. But if you are looking for thrills rather than spending silent hours underwater then it has to be jet-skiing.

Put some fun and excitement on your vacation by riding a watercraft and splashing around the Bermuda shorelines. Solo, or with your friends or family, discover the Island from a completely new and exciting perspective. You can not only experience the thrills of racing on the water and defying the ocean waves, you can also get closer from the coast than with any other boats due to the very shallow draft of jet-skis.

Jet-skis are easy to manoeuvre and can be driven by anyone aged 16 or more. Although it is fun to splash and dash around for an hour, but by law, all jet-ski rentals must be accompanied by a guide, basically a member of staff from the rental company. You shouldn’t see this as a restriction, as your guide will take you to the best places in Bermuda’s waters than simply staying near the beach.

Many companies offer jet-ski tours and safaris with local guides and there is no one better than someone who knows the waters like the back of their hand to take you to places only jet-skis can access. You will drive to hidden coves, snorkelling spots and caves, and get close to the amazing marine life of Bermuda such as whales, rays, turtles, herons or Bermuda Longtails.

You can choose between tours of one or two hours, or even spend a half-day on the water, allowing you to have time on a secluded beach and have a more customised tour. Most of the tours can be part of a group or private – these normally require a minimum of two hours and two skis booked – although each rental company will be different.

If watersports aren’t your thing, you can experience on-land thrills by bike. You can tour the Island and access parts that you can’t reach by other modes of transport in Bermuda.

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