Bermuda Golf Courses – On A Par With The World's Best!

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Ladies Playing Golf

Bermuda isn’t just a paradise for snorkelers, sun and sea lovers – in 2014, it’s easily one of the greatest places on earth to play golf. In fact, Bermuda is golf heaven!

Just like the wonderful beaches of pink sand in Bermuda and the most northern coral reef on the planet, golf courses in Bermuda are a cut above the rest.

Almost all are links courses (if you’re a golfer then you’ll know how good, yet tough they can be!).

In addition, from any of the nine courses – eight 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course – on the island, you have amazing views of Bermuda and its shorelines as well as the North Atlantic Ocean – you really need to see it to believe it.

The 18-hole courses are:

  • Belmont Hills Golf Club
  • Fairmont Southampton Golf Club
  • Mid Ocean Club
  • Ocean View Golf Course
  • Port Royal Golf Course
  • Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club
  • St George’s Golf Course
  • Tucker’s Point Golf Club

The nine-holer at Horizons & Cottages in Paget, as well as the driving range at the Bermuda Golf Academy.

Bermuda Golf Course Map

Bermuda’s golf courses themselves are surrounded by beautiful tropical sceneries and the climate and grass make the greens firmer and slower than usual.  Might be a good idea to do some test putting first to get a feel! It can be a test for a golfer with even the lowest handicap!

Also, the Island’s weather means you can play golf all year round on our courses. No need to practice and develop your swing from March to September – every day is playable here – although, take an umbrella just in case of an Atlantic rainfall!

The influence of British culture, inherited from the time Bermuda was a colony, is still very strong in the Island, now a British overseas territory. Golf is the perfect example of it, as it was introduced by British officers in the 1800’s. It’s grown in popularity ever since and as a result, Bermuda has the world’s highest concentration of golf course per square miles! Even though it is a small island (20.6 square miles/ 53.2 square kilometres) it is an impressive record.

But quantity would not be enough to make Bermuda a haven for golfers. Fortunately, the courses are reputedly some of the best and most challenging you’ll ever find. Some have been designed by famous courses architects such as Charles Blair McDonald, Robert Trent Jones or Charles Banks. If you add to the difficulties and obstacles of the designers the unpredictable climatic conditions like sudden gushes of winds from the ocean or tropical showers, you can easily understand why it is not surprising why you may have to use every club in your bag when going round some of the courses.

The quality of Bermuda’s golf scene has been recognised by professional players and the Island will host the PGA Grand Slam of Golf for the fifth consecutive year in the 18th and 19th of October. The Bermuda Golf Association holds its own event mid-June each year, the Bermuda Open Championships. The 72-hole stroke play event will take place at the Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton.

Some courses are owned by resorts, others by the government. Many private courses are however accessible to the public, but some require membership. One of the best ways to enjoy a golfing holiday in Bermuda is to look for special golf packages and vacations on offer via the internet.

But don’t forget that the Island is not only renowned for its golf courses. After a splendid day on the greens, you can relax like nowhere else, such as a beautiful beach, a world-class restaurant or spa.

A vacation in Bermuda may actually give you the golf bug, even if you’ve never picked up a club before!

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* Photographs copyright of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Belmont Hills Golf Club

The Belmont Hills Golf Club is a striking 18 hole golf course in Bermuda. It is about four miles outside the capital city of Hamilton.

This is a streamlined course with a par 70 covering 6017 yards. It is found in the wondrous Warwick Parish.

The course was initially a mainstay of the former Belmont Hotel. It was initially conceived over 80 years ago, in 1924 by Deveraux Emmett. It is famous for its stunning tropical scenery, ocean visages and lakes.

This is not to mention utilizing the most notable Tiff-Eagle greens. The golf season at The Belmont Hills Golf Club lasts all year round. The course has its own golf pro, along with a club and cart rental facility. This is along with being equipped with a well appointed restaurant, bar, snack bar and a pro shop among other amenities.  All in all The Belmont Hills Golf Club is the perfect course for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy a round of golf in the tropics of Bermuda.

Fairmont Southampton Golf Course

Are you on holiday in Bermuda? Do you feel like taking in a round of gold? Then why not experience the award winning Fairmont Southampton Golf Course? This is the place which has been named the Best Places to Play Golf by Golf Digest.

It is an exceptional eighteen hole golf course, found on the east of Southampton Parish, in the beautiful island of Bermuda. It measures 2684 yards with three tee offerings and a 54 par. The course has an eye-catching ocean backdrop, with coastal breezes and scintillating elevation.

The Fairmont Southampton Golf Course was designed by Theodore Robinson. It features a vast array of water hazards and bunkers. This one of a kind course caters to all kinds of golfers, from absolute beginners to old hands. It lets players hire out golf clubs and shoes from our all purpose in house shop.

The course also offers a lesson from a top golf pro. However, you should be aware that golfers must follow the courses dress code. Players are required to wear the correct golf clothes at all times, no cut offs or jeans are allowed. There is also a restriction on steel spikes.

This is a sign of the commitment and dedication the Fairmont Southampton has to ensuring you have the perfect surroundings for a leisurely, relaxed round of golf. It is available for you at one of the top courses in Bermuda.

Mid Ocean Golf Club

Mid Ocean Golf Club Bermuda

The Mid Ocean Golf Club is regularly ranked as Bermuda’s number one golf course and is even considered as one of the best golf courses in the world – not just the best golf course in Bermuda.

Located in Tucker’s Town, in St. George Parish, it is an 18 holes, par 71 and 6512 yards course was built and designed by the best names in golf. It was first designed in 1920 by Charles Blair MacDonald with Seth Raynor and opened in December 1921. Later, it was modernized by architect Robert Trent Jones.

The course has also been played by many famous people such as John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Winston Churchill and George Bush.

Mid Ocean Golf course is not just one of the most beautiful you’ll ever play, it is also a very challenging one. The signature hole is the 5th, a 433 yard par 4 that feature an impressive water piece, the Mangrove Lake. It will take many shots and balls to many to carry the water, and it is said that when baseball star Babe Ruth came to play the course, it took him a dozen attempts to clear the lake.

The course has many more challenges asking golfers to keep accuracy and concentration at their maximum. The first hole is said to be one of the most challenging opening on the island, six par 4s are going over 400 yards, four holes are located by the ocean and can be differently affected by winds, and any mistake is paid dearly.

Mid Ocean Golf Club is a private members club since 1951 and has 20 cottages by the Clubhouse, each with private balconies and luxurious interiors. Members have direct access to a private beach and swimming-pool at the Beach Pavilion.

The club also has tow tennis courts with lessons available, and can organize fishing and scuba-diving expeditions for its members.

Anyone can enjoy the Mid Ocean Golf Club, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed putter.

Ocean View Golf Course

The Ocean View Golf Course is on the north shore of the parish of Devonshire, on the island of Bermuda.

It is right outside the capital of Hamilton. The nine hole course is renowned for its close proximity to the city. This is not to mention its calm ambiance and heavenly scenery. It is also known for its altering landscape. The Ocean View Golf Course looks out on the cool blue waters of the ocean.

The course has some of the most eye catching fairways and greens. But it is furnished with 18 tees, so you can play an extra round of golf if you want to. This is in addition to a driving range, a rental club and cart service. It also retains the services of its own old golf pro, among other facilities.

This is how The Ocean View Golf Club in Bermuda has built up a reputation with residents and tourists alike as one of the premiere golf courses on the island.

Port Royal Golf Course

Would you like a round of golf in a cutting edge course in Bermuda? Then come to the spectacular Port Royal Golf Course, in the west of Southampton Parish.

This is the golf course which has been acclaimed by Golf Digest and The New York Times. It has been a popular spot for golfers for over 40 years. The Port Royal Golf Course was first designed by the architect Robert Trent Jones Sr in 1970. But it has just gone through a massive makeover, worth $14.5 million. This was overseen by Mr. Robert Rulewich, whom participated in the course’s initial design. The renovation took place to mark the PGA Grand Slam of Golf season in 2009 and 2010.

The Port Royal Golf Course is owned and operated by the Bermuda Government. It has built up a standing as one of the most lauded golf courses on the planet. The course is famous for its stunning ocean views and tropical countryside. It is also renowned for its tranquil and ecological ambiance. It has seen omnipresent tree life substituted for cedar saplings from Bermuda, for a less cluttered environment.

The course has various holes overlooking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Port Royal is generally considered the most scenic golf course in Bermuda. It has seen the installation of lakes with up to the minute irrigation. The course features the latest TifEagle greens. It has 18m holes and a par of 71 The course has also been enlarged by an additional 281 yards. This makes it, at 6,842 yards, the biggest golf course in Bermuda.

Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club

Riddells Bay Golf & Country Club Bermuda

If you feel like playing a round of golf in a classical Bermudian setting then visit The Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club. This appealing 18 hole, par 70 course has been charming golfers since it first opened its doors in 1922. It is the oldest, longest running golf course on the island.

This private club is located in the east of the parish of Warwick. The course resides on a peninsula. It winds along its 5800 yards in length, with 600 yards at its widest point. The course has a trio of ocean holes and two ponds amongst its many obstacles. The first hole of the Riddell’s Bay Golf Course is considered one of the toughest in Bermuda. It has an elevated green, reached by way of a dog leg right. It is the perfect opening to an all consuming golf course, designed to delight and infuriate in equal measure. It is just what you are looking for if you feel like a round of golf. That’s why so many residents and tourists alike keep coming back.

Bermuda is without contest the golfers’ Mecca and you will have a hard time choosing which of the ten courses you want to play during your stay.

In Warwick, you will find the oldest and longest running course of Bermuda, the Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club. Opened in 1922, the course was designed by Devereux Emmet, a friend of famous golf course architect Charles Blair MacDonald (who designed the Mid Ocean Golf course, in Tuckers Town).

The setting, as with most of the golf courses in Bermuda, is breathtaking and you will enjoy playing in such surroundings. The Riddell’s Bay course is located on the Warwick peninsula and offers views of both the Little Sound and the Great Sound and its islands. With a length of 5,800 yards and a maximum width of 600 yards, the course can be very narrow and challenging.

The biggest obstacles for golfers on this par 70 are three holes right by the ocean, two ponds and the exposure to capricious winds that can change the game conditions at any time. The first of the 18 holes shares the title of the most difficult opener in Bermuda with that of the Mid Ocean Golf. This par 4 has an elevated green flanked by bunkers on the left and right and that is reached through a sharply dogleg. It is the longest hole with 424 yards and will require you to get focused and at your best right from the start.

The 8th hole, a par 4, is the course’s signature hole that requires accuracy without which you will be adding more balls at the bottom of the Great Sound. Incidentally, it provides you with the most beautiful scenery you can find on a green and a view of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. From the final hole, you get a wonderful view of the club house, a 150 year old farm reconverted and one of the finest example of the architecture of Bermuda.

The Riddell’s Bay Golf is the only one on the island to use electric golf carts – other courses use gas operated carts. Metal spikes are allowed on the green but only soft ones.

It is a private club only accessible to members, but like with many other private clubs, some hotels own memberships and can get their guests admitted.

Tucker’s Point (Castle Harbour) Golf Club

Castle Harbour Golf Course

This golf course is a part of Tucker’s Town, an area located between St. George’s Harbour and Castle Harbour, in the parish of St. George.

The course gets its name from the fact that this was where Tucker, a Bermuda governor, intended to build a rival port to St. George’s.

However, due to its exposure to weather, the site failed to attract many settlers and the town was never built. The course is now called Tucker’s Point Golf but still known as the Castle Harbour Golf Club, especially to those who played it before 2002.

The original designers of the course were the famous Charles Bank and Robert Trent Jones, as well as the Californian Algie Pulley who added amendments later. The course passed from a 18-hole to a 9-hole a few times: it started as a 18-hole course in 1928, before being cut back to a 9-hole course during the Second World War.

It was reopened by the Governor of Bermuda at the end of 1959 as a 18-hole, par-71 and 6,440 yards course. But at the beginning of 2000, when the Castle Harbour Hotel closed, it reverted to a 9-hole again. Finally, after a revamp, the golf course was reopened in 2002 as an 18-hole as it is now.

The Castle Harbour Golf Club now is one of – if not the most – scenic courses in Bermuda, with every hole offering great views of the Atlantic Ocean. It might seems a relatively short course (6361 yards, par 70) but it is a very challenging one, even for the most experience players. The two large hills around which the course is laid out can cause problems if you miss the flat landing areas. The very undulating greens and the trees around the fairways also offer interesting challenges.

The opening hole suggests the tough nature of the course, with a 330-yard, par 4 hole with trees on the left and water on the right. The signature holes are the numbers 13 and 17, with panoramas of the north coast and the west end of the island respectively, with superb sunsets and views of Tucker’s Town and Castle Island.

Tiff-Eagle hybrid grass was used to rebuild all the greens, giving the course a faster and better surface than it used to be, a feature that those looking for a challenge will appreciate. You will also find new practice facilities such as a driving range, a practice putting green and an area to practice your short game, a useful facility before taking on the main course.

The golf course is part of a complex that has a beach as well as a tennis club. Even though it is a private club, membership is not always necessary: the club accept visitors if you book in advance, and you should also check with your hotel if they are members.

There is the nine holer at Horizons & Cottages in Paget

Horizons Golf Course

Horizons Golf Course Bermuda

The Horizons Golf Course is the solitary Mashie course in Bermuda. It is situated on the south-west of Paget Parish.

This private establishment has nine holes, heading in both directions. It results in a one of a kind round of 18 holes, with a par 27. The course is laid out for guests of the Horizon Cottages but not exclusively. It is also open to the general public.

This central golf course is a hallmark of the wonderful Cottage local hotel and resort. It is a high class cottage colony in Bermuda. It is placed on a hilltop among picturesque gardens and lawns. The resort makes up a land mass of 25 acres. There are many beautiful cottages nearby; numbering 13. They surround a renovated manor house, dating back to the 18th Century. This makes The Horizons Golf Course a different kind of golfing experience, not to be missed.

Golfers can also play at the Bermuda Golf Academy driving range.

Bermuda Golf Academy Driving Range

pic of Bermuda's driving range

Do you feel like taking a few practice strokes to improve your golf game?  Then get in the swing of things down at the Bermuda Golf Academy Driving Range!

It is based at the Industrial Park Road, just off Middle Road on the west of Southampton Parish. This is not a conventional golf course. It is a facility for you to hone your golfing skills. It boasts a state of the art driving range, measuring 320 yards and a practice green. This takes in 18 holes along with the finest Adventure Mini Golf around!

The driving range is furnished with night lighting so you can keep playing when it gets dark. There is 40 practice bays of which 25 are under cover. The range is fitted with target greens, eight in all, positioned between 75 and 230 yards out. They are fired out by a mechanical automated system. The range also has a bunker play section and practice chipping, among other facilities. This is the perfect place to refine your golf game while on holiday in Bermuda. You can only get better at golf here!

The Southampton Princess Golf Club

If you are looking for a challenging par-3 golf course, in Bermuda then head up to the Southampton Princess Golf Club. It is found in the luxurious Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, in the parish which bears its name.

This scenic 18 hole golf course is in excess of 2,684 yards with a par of 54. It will make you work hard on your short game.

This challenging course was designed by Theodore Robinson. It is felt club selection will be crucial in clearing the multiple bunkers and two water hazards. This is as well as overcoming the dramatic elevations (200 feet drop between the first two holes).

The Southampton Princess, as with most of Bermuda’s golf courses, is subject to marine winds. This is especially as it is facing the Atlantic Ocean in all its length. But it has the advantage of offering amazing and invaluable marine and landscape views.

There is a practice green and beginners can take lessons. The complex around the course has a pro shop, tennis courts, bars and restaurants.

The Southampton Princess Golf Club is private and available only for members and their guests. The membership also entitles you to play at the nearby courses of Port Royal, Riddell’s Bay and Belmont Hills.  However this has to be arranged through the hotel’s Golf Concierge.

Guests at the Fairmont Southampton Princess hotel can also benefit from a partnership with the Riddell’s Bay Golf Club. This grants them exclusive access to the oldest golf course of the island. There is a shuttle service is provided from and to the hotel lobby.

But the Fairmont Southampton Princess resort is not just about golf. This luxurious site, occupying around 100 acres of the island’s south shore was rated one of the best Atlantic resorts in 2009 and 2010 by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller.

Bermuda Golf Course Map

Bermuda was first introduced to golf by British officers in the 1800? s, when the island was still a colony. The influence of British culture is still very strong in Bermuda, now a UK overseas territory. It has seen golf rise to become one of the most popular pastimes on the island.

Bermuda has the highest concentration of golf course per square miles in the world! They are reputedly among the greatest and most challenging courses that you will ever find. Some have been designed by famous courses architects like Charles Blair McDonald, Robert Trent Jones or Charles Banks, attracting players from around the world.

The island’s golf courses are often surrounded by the most beautiful tropical scenery. The climate and grass make the greens firmer and slower than usual. It may be a good idea to do some test putting to begin with, just to get a feel of the course! It can be a test for any golfer with even the lowest handicap!

The island weather allows you to visit its courses all year round. There is no need to practice your swing from March to September. You can go out and play every day, but take an umbrella with you in case of Atlantic rainfall! But that won’t rain on your parade when you come to play on a beautiful island course.

Bermuda also holds many exciting golf tournaments throughout the year, at its various courses.

Annual Couples Fall Golf Classic

Pompano Beach Club Golf

The Annual Couples Fall Golf Classic consists of a series of tournament rounds, being held at different golf courses across the island. The rounds have been played at the Tucker’s Point Golf Club at Harrington Sound, the Belmont Hills Golf Club in Warwick and the Port Royal Golf Club in Southampton. The tournament follows the guidelines of the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews.

The competition will be played by couples teams, made up of a lady and gentlemen. The rules say that the ladies taking part must have a handicap no higher than 36, while the gentlemen must have a handicap of up to 24. You can then calculate the team handicap by adding the couple’s combined handicaps together and then dividing it by two.

Those taking part will be separated into individual flights, which bear the names of popular island drinks. These are the “Rum Swizzle flight”, where the couples with the smallest collective net handicaps will play one another. There is also the “Dark n’ Stormy flight”, made up of the couples left over. The tournament’s rounds will adhere to various golf formats, from a best ball, to a modified best and a two person scramble. The event will also see teams being awarded for the low net winner from both flights. This is as well as giving prizes for the ladies and gentlemen which hit the longest drive, and have the ball land closest to the pin.

There will ultimately be a prize given to the overall winner of the tournament, whichever flight they played in.


The Annual Ladies Pro-Am Golf Classic Tournament

Ladies Pro-Am Golf Classic

Each year sees the Pompano Beach Club hold its Annual Ladies Pro-Am Golf Classic tournament.

It has been played at the prodigious Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton. The tournament has 18 teams of the finest lady golfers competing on this famous course. They are made up of four, a professional and three amateurs. The Annual Ladies Pro-Am Golf Classic is comprised of 72 holes. It has a pro-am event of over 54 holes and a professional competition, which lasts for 18. This is along with having a non professional best ball fun day tournament, which is also made up of 18 holes.

The event adheres to the rules of golf in accordance with the United States Golf Association, and those competing must have a handicap of 36 at most. Professional golfers will receive prize money and those closest to the pin and hitting the longest drive each day will also win a prize.

Bermuda Tourism Rendezvous Activities: Visitor Golf Tournament

Port Royal Golf Course In Bermuda

Golfers can see in  the New Year by attending the Bermuda Tourism Rendezvous Activities: Visitor Golf Tournament. It is held as part of the annual island event called Rendezvous Activities. The tournament takes place on Mondays and Thursdays at the Port Royal Golf Course in the wintertime.

The Bermuda Tourism Rendezvous Activities: Visitor Golf Tournament begins at 8.30am sharp and goes on till noon. Tourists can play the 18 hole, par 71 course, which measures 6,842 yards. Golfers must pay an entry fee and can hire a set of golf clubs and a cart. There will be prizes given out for those finishing first, second and third. The overall winner will also go home with a certificate.

BGA Monthly Medal

Port Royal Golf Course

The Bermuda Monthly Medal is a popular mixed golfing event on the island. It takes place on the weekends, over different months of the year. The tournament has been held in numerous venues round Bermuda, including the Port Royal Golf Course, Tucker’s Point, Riddell’s Bay, Ocean View and more.

The BGA Monthly Medal was conceived by the Bermuda Golf Association and gives out trophies in various categories. These range from awarding the low gross winner and the low net winner, for both the Men’s and Ladies. This is as well as giving out prizes for the longest drive and having the ball closest to the pin.

Goodwill Bermuda Golf Tournament


The Goodwill Bermuda Golf Tournament, organized by the Bermuda Golf Association, is the longest running Pro-Am golf tournament in the world. It has been running since 1953 and has welcomed the top international golfers from around the globe.

This is a Best Ball Stroke tournament comprised of 72 holes, with golfers competing for a major cash prize. It takes in four golf courses, spread across the island. Golfers will be playing at the Rosewood Tuckers Point, the Mid Ocean Club, Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club and the Port Royal Golf Club. They will be made up of teams of four. The teams will consist of one club professional and three amateurs, playing with at most a 20 handicap.

There is a choice of three professional divisions, a Men’s, Junior’s or Senior Division, as well as a Lady’s Division.

The Bermuda Senior Amateur Golf Championships

Senior Golf

The Bermuda Senior Amateur Championship is a mixed tournament which takes place every May. The 54 stroke event is staged by the Bermuda Golf Association or the BGA.

Those taking part must pay an entry fee of $200 (indicative) for ladies and $275 for gentlemen. Male golfers must be at least 55 years old and have a handicap of 24. Female participants must be a minimum of 50 years of age and have a handicap of 32. The tournament also gives competitors the chance to play on a breathtaking course and hands out net and gross prizes.


PGA Grand Slam of Golf

PGA Grand Slam



The elite of the golf world will be coming to Bermuda this October to play at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf 2014

The competition will see four great champions take to the green from the 13th to the 15th of October. Bermuda is proud to once again host this illustrious golf tournament. The 2014 PGA Grand Slam of Golf is being put on by the PGAA (Professional Golfer’s Association of America). The tournament welcomes the leaders of men’s golf to the beautiful Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton. The venue is considered one of the finest, most picturesque courses in the world.

The 32nd PGA Grand Slam of Golf will welcome golfers who have previously won tournaments this year. They will be playing to see who will be named champion of champions. The Port Royal Golf Course will be visited by winner of the Masters this year, as well as the winners of the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship

Golfing fans on the island will have the chance to watch the four greatest golfers in the world play 36 holes over two days. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf has been going since 1979, but has had a few breaks in that time. The tournament has been played at the Port Royal Golf Club though since 2009.

This year the players will be competing for the $600,000 grand prize, along with the distinction of being named the 2014 PGA Grand Slam champion.


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