Bermuda Fairylands & Fairy Land Creek

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Fairyland Creek

IMAGE CREDIT & Copyright – Mathew Phinn. (do check out his other beautiful paintings of Bermuda!)

Bermuda is an island famous for its rich and beautiful properties, not only luxurious hotels and resorts, but also private houses and estates. The parish of Pembroke harbour one of the few up-market and exclusive residential areas of the island, Fairylands. Located on the west of Pitt’s Bay Road, this concentration of old and expensive houses and properties covers the two peninsulas of Mill Shares and Point Shares.

Fairylands takes its name from the Celtic mythology and was created many decades ago by the better-off merchants who had established their businesses in the capital city of Hamilton. They wanted to have their homes built away from the city but in a nearby and convenient location, as well as in an area close to the ocean and quieter than Hamilton. Fairylands is a beautiful area which has kept the many winding roads and narrow byways so specific to Bermuda. On some of these roads, you will find some of the best and most amazing views in the parish of Pembroke of the shore, the ocean and the islands.

The roads and wetlands are mainly named after the area, with roads such as Fairyland Court, Fairyland Court and Fairyland Lane, and wetland areas like Fairyland Creek or Mill Creek named after one of the peninsulas.But the Fairylands are not only a residential area. There is amongst its features the Black Wood Pond, a pond that marks the border between Point Shares peninsula and the rest of the Fairylands.On the north side of the pond is one of Bermuda’s oldest bridges.

The name Black Wood Pond is derived from the trees that are usually found around saltwater lagoons and swamp, the Black Mangrove trees. The wood of this type of trees is very hard and heavy, with a dark brown colour that turns black when wet.

From the two peninsulas that form Fairylands, Point Shares, the westernmost and southern one, is part of the very small club of exclusive and private coastal areas that are the richest.

The only other member of this club is Tucker’s Town, in the parish of St. George.

It was bought from William Berkeley by Solomon Middleton in 1643 and gets its name from the designation of tracts of land by the then Bermuda Company as shares. Many of the properties are today owned by multi-millionaires and enjoy amazing views of the ocean and islands such as Agar’s, Bird, Cat, Goat, Goose… All the islands of the parish of Pembroke are privately owned and, unfortunately, inaccessible to the public.

It is possible to spend some time in Fairylands without being a millionaire and buying a property there by staying in one of the many rental properties. Every one of them is located within a quiet and secure area, surrounded by beautiful homes, gardens and bays.

Since 2011, a Neighbourhood Watch has been in effect to keep people and property safe.

The area has inspired many artists, notably the American painter Ross Sterling Turner who in 1890 painted a watercolour and gouache called ‘Fairylands, Bermuda’ – though I prefer Mathew’s (pictured above)…..

Fairylands & Fairy Land Creek in Bermuda

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