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bermuda coral reef

For most holiday-makers, Bermuda is all about pink sand beaches, beautiful water and luxurious accommodations. But there’s more…. lots more!

What they might not know is that it also has over 200 square miles of incredible coral reefs, which makes for the perfect diving holiday. Among divers, amateurs and professionals, Bermuda is reputed to be one of the best spots on the planet for reef diving. The island is also considered a kind of Mecca of snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Resulting of the volcanic sea mountain that rose 100 million years ago to form Bermuda, it is the most northerly coral reef in the world. The shallow waters and their crystal-like purity provide a great stage for anyone wanting to discover what is hiding down in the ocean.

The introduction of environmental protection laws by the Bermuda Government means that the reefs are very healthy. They have everything from hard corals and sea fans, to giant anemones and Purple Sea urchins. This is as well as southern stingray rays and spotted and green eels, to yellow snappers and angel fish. There is always something to see.

There are numerous sites to visit with lots of different underwater features, such as Cathedral, near Gurnet Rock. This is a huge underwater cave that looks like a dome, where you can swim through the thousands of glassy sweepers. There are the tunnels and arches of hangover Hole; along with the Devil’s Hole, which is a famous night dive site.

But you don’t always need to go diving to discover the beauty of the Bermuda reefs. If you are more comfortable on a boat than underwater, then take a tour on one of the many glass-bottom boats which travel along the shores. They could bring you out to the reefs.

The other main attraction of the Bermuda reefs are the many shipwreck sites (see our list of bermuda shipwrecks) that surround the island. The reputation Bermuda has for being the wreck capital of the Atlantic is truly well deserved. This is mainly due to the Gulf Stream and occasional tropical storms that push ships to the shallow, rocky waters.

There are over 300 shipwrecks to explore around Bermuda. These range from the 1609 Sea Venture, which brought the first settlers to the island, to Civil War vessels and more modern ships. These wrecks have not always been greatly conserved and sometimes lay on their side on the sea bed. There are others though that have been kept intact, like the 171-foot King George. Other such as The Hermes were sunk especially to become diving sites. Like the rest of the reefs though, the shipwrecks are under protection of the Bermuda Government, and it is not permitted to take anything away from them. You have been warned!

Whatever way you choose to look at the reefs, which often can be seen by some beaches, they are some of the best features of Bermuda. The island where you could find some of the largest coral reefs in the world.

The beauty of Bermuda is not only on land – by scooter – but also underwater! Enjoy!

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