Bermuda Boat And Yacht Rental Hire / Charter

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Picture of a Yacht moored in Bermuda

One of the best way to take in all the beauty of Bermuda is to see it from the water. You can travel by ferry around the island, but there is no experience like hiring a boat or yacht and spending a day in the ocean, stopping in the bays and coves of your choice, snorkelling and swimming anywhere you want!

There are boats that you pilot yourself and can usually carry a dozen of people and there are also boats operated by a captain and that can accommodate up to 30 passengers.

Most self-drive boat rentals places will provide you with a map of the best spots to explore as well as instructions on piloting the boat and finding your way on the water. You can rent Boston whalers or pontoon boats, usually between 13 and 23-foot long, equipped with canopies, swim ladders and designed to be hard to sink. The steering wheel on the centre console makes them very easy to drive without any previous experience required.

If you are not keen on the idea of driving your boat or are part of a bigger group, then charter boats are ideal. They usually measure between 30 to 60-foot long with a capacity of 30 people for the bigger ones. You have the choice to hire motor yachts, wind sail boats and catamarans with the possibility to sail for a few hours, a full day or even overnight.

Photogaph of boats in a lagoon in Bermuda

A lagoon in St. Georges, Bermuda near Tobacco Bay

Charter boats companies offer many options such as sunset and cocktails or champagne cruises, sportfishing trips, snorkelling expeditions as well as dinner parties among other services.

You can also hire glass-bottom boats to enjoy the views of the reefs without getting wet and benefit from the knowledge of local captains. Like the self-drive boats, these usually can take up to a dozen people.

There are many operators where you can hire boats but you should be aware that the summer season is a busy one for them. It is recommended to book boat rentals long in advance. Of course, if the weather doesn’t permit you to sail, the majority of operators will allow you to rebook the boat. You should always wait before cancelling because the conditions don’t look good as the weather can change very quickly.

The most popular area for sailing, whether on your own or aboard a charter boat, is around the islands of the Great Sound.

Sailing in Bermuda is a must-do and there are many things you will be able to see that you can’t from the land alone.

However, if sailing isn’t your thing then you can get around and see the Island on a rental scooter, bike or moped.

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