Black Watch Pass & Well, Bermuda

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Black Watch Bermuda

The Black Watch Pass & Well is a road and pathway built in the parish of Pembroke in Bermuda. It was built to link North Shore Road to the capital city; Hamilton in 1934.

It now forms a connection between the aforementioned North Shore Road, Palmetto Road and Marsh Folly Road. The pathway was constructed to combat transport issues in the area. This is along with helping the local economy and fighting unemployment,

The Black Watch Pass was constructed by burrowing into hard rocks made of  limestone. They made up the tall cliffs on the northern shore. The pass was constructed by excavating a large bulk of rocks, to the level of approximately 2.5 million cubic feet. The pass is now known for its stunning scenery. These feature enormous walls carved by hand from limestone. It is close to the sports centre at Bernard’s Park.

The Black Watch Well is located where the pass intersects with North Shore Road. It is a remainder of the moment in history in 1849 when Pembroke was hit by a drought. The Black Watch regiment dug this well on order of the governor. It was forged of limestone with roof made of wood. However, the well cannot be seen these days as it has been covered by stones. But its location was formerly a widely visited tourist destination in Pembroke.

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