Bermuda Art in the Dark – Eating Up The Bermuda Art Scene! May 12, 2011

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Are you looking for an enlightening time in Bermuda? Then you will experience the heights of artistic talent and good food when attending the regional restaurant and gallery tour called bermuda Art in the Dark. This exciting event is held on the 12th of May in the capital city of bermuda, Hamilton.

It allows aficionados to go out and view beautiful works of art while enjoying a bite to eat.

Bermuda Art in the Dark is a unique event combining good food and art appreciation. It uses restaurants as exhibits or art galleries. Here patrons could have something to eat and view the work of local Bermuda artists at the same time. The event takes places at corresponding restaurants around the island, where art is displayed.

It also allows collectors the opportunity to buy any pieces which catch their eye. You could even pick something up at a discount. If you love fine art, you are certain to find something to your tastes. The Art in the Dark exhibit lasts from five in the afternoon to eight in the evening.

The event continues on the 15th of May at Par-la-Ville Park.  It will have music as well as fine art. There will be art classes and vendors, being and selling works of art. This is in addition to a showing of up and coming artist Nashon Hollis. You could also have something to eat or drink at a special outdoor cafe, appropriately called Picasso.

The future will be bright if you get a chance to experience Bermuda Art in The Dark!

Well-known Bermudian artist, Chris Grimes will be giving a talk on Thursday, May 12th from 6 to 6.30 p.m. at BSoA as part of the Art in the Dark event. BSoA galleries will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. so why not stop by and see the incredible Heritage Through the Eyes of the Artist exhibit. More at

*Image Copyright Chris Grimes