Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo

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Bermuda Aquarium Natural History Museum and Zoo

While you are in Bermuda, take some time away from the beaches and many activities available in the island to discover the natural history of Bermuda and the numerous species that lived and are living there.

The Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo is located in the Flatts Village, a picturesque place in Hamilton Parish and was open in 1926. The complex, also known as the BAMZ, has become one of the island’s favourite attractions for both tourists and locals, offering a choice of tanks, multimedia presentations, pools, caves and many exhibits to learn all about Bermuda.

The Aquarium is certainly the top attraction of the BAMZ, an opinion shared by reviewers on Trip Advisor:

this is a great museum – mainly for the aquarium detailling Bermuda’s marine life and unique reef ecosystem.

If you can’t catch the daily free guided tour at 13.10, get one of the ‘Soundstiks’ at the entrance to play commentaries during your visit.

The ecosystem of the Bermuda’s reefs is recreated in the Aquarium masterpiece, the North Rock. This 140,000 gallons tank is a living replica of the local reefs and one of the world’s largest collections of live coral. It is a great attraction to see before going snorkelling or scuba-diving and will give diving envy to most people.

In this tanks and the other ones, you can see all sorts of marine creatures, from morray eels, crabs. lobsters and octopus to barracudas, sharks, tigerfish and parrotfish. In total, there are over 100 species to be found in the Aquarium, providing hours of entertainment for everyone.

Outside, there are pools with seals and greens turtles. The seals are fed three times a day at 9am, 1.30pm and 4pm.

The Natural History Museum consists of two parts. The first is about the islands before they were first colonised, exploring its origins different habitats, with a multimedia presentation and a reproduction of a cave. The second part is dedicated to the impact of humans and wildlife on the local ecosystem.

The Zoo is divided in exhibits, with the latest opened in 2002 and called Islands of the Caribbean. It shows that over the years wildlife has come to Bermuda from South America and the Caribbean and consists of a 6,4000 square feet wire-meshed cage where you can see the scarlet ibis, the Cayman blue iguana or the golden lion tamarin amongst many species.

There are also an exhibit of Australian and Asian species, one of reptile, a touch-pool of mollusks, a beehive and a flock of pink flamingos.

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