Belmont Hills Golf Club In Bermuda

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Belmont Hills Golf Club Bermuda

The Belmont Hills Golf Club is a striking 18 hole golf course in Bermuda. It is about four miles outside the capital city of Hamilton.

This is a streamlined course with a par 70 covering 6017 yards. It is found in the wondrous Warwick Parish.

The course was initially a mainstay of the former Belmont Hotel. It was initially conceived over 80 years ago, in 1924 by Deveraux Emmett. It is famous for its stunning tropical scenery, ocean visages and lakes.

This is not to mention utilising the most notable Tiff-Eagle greens. The golf season at The Belmont Hills Golf Club lasts all year round. The course has its own golf pro, along with a club and cart rental facility. This is along with being equipped with a well appointed restaurant, bar, snack bar and a pro shop amongst other amenities.  All in all The Belmont Hills Golf Club is the perfect course for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy a round of golf in the tropics of Bermuda.

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