BEF: Jumping Shows and Bermuda Horse & Pony Association: Spring Show

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BEF Horse Jumping

Bermuda has had a long history of holding horse riding events. This month sees two such thrilling occasions on the island, celebrating the art of equestrianism. These are the Bermuda Equestrian Federation: Jumping Shows and the Bermuda Horse & Pony Association: Spring Show.

March the 16th is the date of the Bermuda Equestrian Federation’s Jumping Shows. They will be held at the National Equestrian Centre, on Vesey Street in Devonshire. The riders will be competing on a course designed by the BEF’s noted Vice President Mr. Ian Truran. Those taking part will be looking to impress the island qualified judge overseeing the event.

The Bermuda Equestrian Federation: Jumping Shows features varied categories and disciplines. They may cover such areas as equitation and hunt seat, in addition to jumping. The participants will be jumping fences of various sizes. The Spring Show will have both Adult and Junior riders jumping in the morning. This is followed by having its Junior competitors riding ponies in the afternoon. This makes for a pleasant day out for all the family.

This month also sees the National Equestrian Centre host the Bermuda Horse & Pony Association: Spring Show. The event lasts for two days, from the 22nd to the 23rd of March. The Spring Show features a wide range of events, incorporating various classes. These take in show jumping, equitation and hunt seat, to name but a few. The Spring Show, brought to you by the Bermuda Horse & Pony Association, is also free of charge and open to spectators.

If you wish to view some of the finest horse riding events in the world then come to Bermuda.

BEF: Jumping Shows and Bermuda Horse & Pony Association: Spring Show

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