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Atelerie Bermuda

Bermuda is a place with many amazing places unknown from the tourists and kept secret by the locals. But we not only talking of beaches here, because one of these places is a shop that was awarded for having the best accessories on the island. Atelerie boutique is unique in its style, very different from the local boutiques of Hamilton, and closer from the trendy and fashionable stores of cities like New York, Paris or London.

More than a simple boutique with clothes and accessories, Atelerie is a unique concept at the crossroads of a shop and an artist workshop. In fact, the name itself carries this hybrid nature. Atelerie is a melange of the French ‘atelier’, that is a boutique as well as a workshop, and ‘galerie’, an art gallery.

Here, you will find trendy jeans, conversation-starting dresses and statement making jewellery along cocktail confections from Rebecca Taylor, Calypso by Christianne Celle and Twinkle, the latest skinny jeans or underpinnings from Hanky Panky. But that’s not all because the boutique also stores unique accessories, notebooks and agendas, or candles and fragrances.

Atelerie and its People’s Choice award of best accessories is all down to its owner, Heather MacDonald. The young artist and oil painter decided to open Atelerie after spending time in Saint Barts where she was working in an art gallery. Seduced by the lifestyle of the island and amazing by the French boutiques, she planned to open her own boutique in Bermuda. It was the ideal compromise between her passion for art and creation and her wish to build a career that was secure.

Her artistic side is obvious in the choice of pieces of clothing she decides to display in her shop. Heather is indeed not only the founder and owner of Atelerie, she is also the buyer for the boutique. She is taking her job so seriously that she tries herself every piece of clothing to make sure that she likes the way it fits before buying it. As a result, she knows absolutely everything when it comes to the fit of jeans, the cut of tops and the way a dress hangs.

The artist decided about her unique selling point after spotting a gap in the Bermudian market offer and placed herself in the niche of unique and good quality mid-priced pieces. Today, she offers apparel, accessories and jewellery from just over 30 designers and covers pretty much every type of clothing and accessories from pyjamas and evening wear to swimwear, jeans, bags, sandals, boots, multi-strand necklaces, rings, candles, fragrances…, just like the award says, the best accessories!

There is something for everyone here. Those who like more conservative clothes can find happiness at Atelerie in the form of pretty work attire such as pencil skirts and blouses but with some kind of unusual twist. The cool and casual ones will have their eye caught by some skinny jeans or some Frye Boots, while the party-goers will be delighted with a selection of frocks and some pretty and eye-catching jewellery.

Heather MacDonald is a complete artist who also studied fine art and photography in college. She dedicates much of her spare time to this passion and like portraits more than anything. Her eye for details and settings is noticeable in the arrangement of her shop and the products she stocks.

Atelerie Bermuda- 6 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, Bermuda HM11; 441-296-0280;

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