Astwood Cove Beach, Warwick, Bermuda

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Astwood Cove Bermuda

Amongst the many beautiful beaches of Bermuda and Warwick parish, Astwood Cove Beach is one of the most stunning places.

The beach is completely surrounded by steep cliffs and accessible by quite a steep winding trail that makes it much more secluded than the majority of Bermudian beaches. It can be a bit of a hike to reach the beach but the advantage of this seclusion is that the beauty of Astwood Cove is not altered by crowds of tourists and you can easily find yourself alone here.

However, be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty at the beach. The water can get pretty rough at times and there are many rocks in the water, especially on the sides of the cove, so it is recommended to be an experienced swimmer to swim around. The cove is quite good for snorkelling, but again, watch for the currents and rocks.

Because of its secluded location, there isn’t any concession stands on the beach so you’ll have to bring everything you need like towels, food and water. There isn’t any facilities either, but you can find toilets in the park above the cove from which you access the beach.

Astwood Park overlooks the cove and has picnic tables as well as parking spaces. Nature trails provide fun and educational times for children and adults alike. From the park, you get wonderful views of the cove and the Atlantic Ocean and it is why the park is a traditional outdoor wedding site.

The steep cliffs that surround Astwood Cove Beach are home to Bermuda Longtails, the white-tailed tropical birds that you can see flying and swooping around in and out of their nests. Longtails was once the  name given to female American tourists by Bermudian men – both single and married – at the time of mass tourism by air.

Like many of the public beaches in the Warwick parish, Astwood Cove Beach is located off South Road and can be reached by bus number 7. Or, of course, you can drive your rental scooter and leave it in the car park before walking down to the beach. If you are staying in Hamilton, you can also decide to walk to Astwood Cove as well as visiting the other close beaches: Warwick Long Bay, Jobson’s Cove, Chaplin Bay, and even Horseshoe Bay.

There are concerts held on the beach at times, which is a great setting for these types of events. Mostly though, you will enjoy sunbathing in the soft sand with nothing else to hear than the soft noise of the blue waters and the birds, far away from the busy tourist areas.

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