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As Cooper and Sons, Bermuda

It was a time when fashion was only accessible to the rich and famous and when the rest of us had to watch them in television and magazine, dreaming we could wear something a bit like their clothes and accessories. Fortunately, it has become easy for everyone now to wear fashionable  clothes and Bermuda is no exception. We love fashion here and the offer on shops has something for everyone.

Fashion is so part of the island lifestyle that even teenagers can be dressed following the last trends. We all remember that it is not an easy age and probably many of us wished they had a shop where friends and family could have bought us some fashionable clothes. Memories of ridiculous and childish outfits featuring teddies, rainbows or huge flowers still haunt many people!

Teenagers today have less to worry because fashion designers are looking out for them. In Bermuda, the best trendy wears for teens of 2011 was found to be at A.S. Cooper’s Express. The store located in Washington Mall, in Hamilton, came first of the category in the Best of Bermuda Awards voted each year by The Bermudian.

A.S. Cooper’s Express is one amongst the several stores of A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd. In the spirit of the company, the teens collection put the accent on the quality and the value of the clothing. With more than 100 years experience in trading, A.S. Coopers understands its customers and knows that fashion for teens must combine design and functionality. Yes teens want to be dressed in style, but they don’t want to be scared of using their clothes, neither do their parents! They are at an age when they can easily feel uncomfortable in their own skin, so they certainly need to feel at ease in their clothes.

The A.S. Cooper’s Express store in Reid Street, at the entrance of the Washington Mall, stocks top designer brands, some exclusive to children such as Rare Editions, specialist of girl dresses; French Toast, specialised in school uniforms; and My Michelle. The store also has clothes and accessories from well-known brands like Esprit, DKNY and Polo Ralph Lauren.

People in Bermuda recognise that A.S. Cooper’s Express is amongst the best when it comes to trendy wears for teens as well as style, wear-ability and value. Parents will like the quality of the bright and trendy clothes while teenagers in the know will be relieve to have found a place where they can get dress in a fashionable way. Girls will fall in love with the wall covered in accessories of all types and available in all colours.

A.S. Cooper & Sons is pretty much a household name in Bermuda and the first shop was open in 1897 by Alexander Samuel Cooper. He bought the stock and trading rights of the Bermuda Shipping and Supply Company and started by selling a bit of everything, from mosquito nets to onion seeds. The stock was gradually extended to include items in crystal, silver, ceramic and Wedgwood china, but also clothing, jewellery, perfumes and Bermuda souvenirs.

Today, the company has almost a dozen stores, 8 of them in Hamilton.

Store Locations

Store Locations 2


Washington Mall, 12 Reid St., Hamilton, HM11; 441 296 6525;

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