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All Wrapped Up Home Bermuda

Whatever the size of your home and whether it is a house or a flat, giving it a bit of decoration makes all the difference between it just being four walls and a roof above your head and a place where you can relax and like to be.

Usually, the first reflex when looking to buy some elements of decoration for a home is to go to a department store. These are doing everything you can think of and need to give your home a personal touch. They are handy and cover the house needs from the bathroom and the bedroom to the kitchen and the living room.

But there is a new kid in town and after a few months only, it has taken over the department stores in the race for the title of the best place for Bed, Bath and Beyond at The Bermudian’s Best of Bermuda Awards. All Wrapped Up Home is the newly-born shop of Peter Richold, owner of the All Wrapped Up Card store, also winner of the category Greeting Cards.

Born from the opportunity to expand after a spot became available in the Washington Mall a few metres from the first All Wrapped Up shop, All Wrapped Up Home has quickly seduced the people of Bermuda with its fresh approach of the home decoration. The store is full of ideas to decorate your new home or refresh your décor. It is also a great place to find original and beautiful presents. The arrangement of the All Wrapped Up Home store makes it easy for anyone to picture how the items would look in their home. It also has the vast majority of items available in a multitude of colours so you can easily match every accessory in your bathroom and your bedroom. For example, you can get everything in the bathroom in the same colour, from the curtain shower to the bath mat, the bath towels, even the trash can, the tissue box and the shower hooks. The owner and the store manager Shannan Baras will help you to find all the items you need in one colour if you need.

When it comes to bedroom, the colour coordination is also very important. All Wrapped Up Home has everything necessary to make a bedroom comfortable, inviting and relaxing: comforter sets, duvet covers, sheet sets and pillows, as well as window curtains and blinds. There are also catalogues you can order items from if they were not in stock. As All Wrapped Up Home has decided to deal with small manufacturers, the customers can benefit from quick shipping and original items. The best home decoration store in Bermuda has also items for living areas that can be the focal point in the room and not just space filler, such as clocks, mirrors and decorative accent pieces. The store has a wide selection of items of medium to big size to help make them part of the décor and sometimes the starting point of it.

The new shop is also the sole distributor in Bermuda of the Stamps Watches, watches that you can match to your style and attitude with interchangeable faces and bands.

All Wrapped Up Home, Bermuda – Washington Mall Lower, 18 Church Street, Hamilton, HM11; (441) 542-1969

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