Achilles Bay Beach, Bermuda

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Achilles Bay Bermuda

Achilles Bay Beach, so named because of its heel-like shape, is one of the few Bermuda beaches that is not very well known to the majority of tourists.

This is due to the fact that it is a very small beach without many space for many people to sunbath and that it isn’t easily accessible.

The beach, located north east of the town of St. George’s, is not on any route bus and you will need to walk to get there, unless you have a scooter. Then you need to climb down the stairs from Blackbeard’s Hideout restaurant to get onto the beach.

You might have heard that it was listed as a private beach, but in fact the St. George’s Club that once claimed ownership of Achilles Bay Beach is long gone so it is now open to public. It doesn’t have any pink sand either but the sand here is very soft and the water as blue as anywhere else in Bermuda.

However, this little beach is a beautiful place and well worth the effort to find it if you are interesting in swimming and snorkelling.

The View From Blackbeard's Hideout

The View From Blackbeard's Hideout

The waters of Achilles Bay are shallow for quite a long distance so it is easy and safe to swim and explore underwater for children and adults alike. There are many little rocks scattered in the bay and home to many species of fish such as parrot fish and other marine life like squids. This make up for the absence of close coral reefs and provide hours of entertainment for snorkellers and scuba divers.

The highlight of Achilles Bay Beach for many children is the large rock that juts out of the water with a ladder going into the water. You will need to swim to reach it, and you can either climb down to have a look in the water or use the rock as a diving board. Just make sure you remember that it is quite shallow there when you dive or jump.

There are not really any facilities on the beach, although you can rent chairs, umbrellas and floating mats from the little concession. Tobacco Bay Beach is close-by and has facilities, or you can eat at the Blackbeard’s Hideout or take the hilly walk to St. George (20 minutes to King’s Square).

The beach is also next to Fort St. Catherine that always makes for a great visit, whether you are an history buff or wants to see some great views of the east end of the Island. And when you are going to Achilles Bay Beach, make sure you plan to stay for the sunset for it is one of the most beautiful views you can get in Bermuda.

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