"Only the best for my guests" – how one man changed the scooter rental business forever.

Five Generations of Island Knowledge

The Thomas family has been part of Bermuda life for five generations. We know the island intimately – every sandy beach and romantic cove, every local artisan and specialty store, every beach bar and gourme restaurant.

It was the third generation of the family that started Elbow Beach Cycles. Dudley Alexander ‘Buddy’ Thomas was a meticulous self-taught mechanic with an ear for a well-tuned motorcycle engine. He could hear a loose bolt on one of his mopeds at 300 yards in the pouring rain.

In 1944, Dudley Snr. saw that there was a need for a professional bicycle and scooter hire company. He wanted to do things differently; he thought that customer satisfaction should be as important as engine reliability. It was a winning combination: happy customers and superb rental vehicles. He summed up his philosophy in six simple words: “Only the best for my guests.”

The founder’s words echo down the generations. They’re as relevant now as they were when he first drummed them into his team.

The modern Elbow Beach Cycles is still in the family. It’s now run by Buddy’s wife, Dolores Thomas – affectionately known as ‘Mrs T’. Mrs T’s fame extends far beyond Bermuda. For tens of thousands of Elbow Beach Cycles customers, Mrs T is the friendly voice and the steady hand they turn to first when they visit Bermuda. She’s a warm-hearted, motherly figure in a sunny island paradise. Mrs T is what makes visiting Bermuda feel like coming home.

Mrs T works with her sons and a team of dedicated mechanics to keep Bermuda’s residents and visitors on the road. Occasionally her grand-daughters get involved too.

65 years later, Buddy Thomas might not recognise Elbow Beach Cycles. For one, he despised computers, saying “God put the world’s most advanced computer between everyone’s ears”. But it’s a good bet that he’d smile at the sweet sound of our well-tuned engines. The modern Elbow Beach Cycles fleet consists of all-new vehicles built to an exacting specification set by the engineering team. They’ve distilled all those years of mechanical know-how and customer service into a fleet that suits the island terrain and climate, as well as a wide range of driving abilities. It includes electric scooters, petrol scooter, electric bicycles and mountain bike.

Those rental vehicles are ready now – “only the best for our guests” – serviced and gleaming in the Bermuda sunshine. Book yours online for an instant 10% discount.