The best safety record on the island…the newest rental fleet…the biggest choice of scooters…and the happiest support team.

“Only the best for our guests” was the mantra of our founder, the late Dudley Alexander ‘Buddy’ Thomas. It was his guiding principle – and it’s ours too.

“Only the best for our guests”


At heart, we’re the same company that Dudley Snr founded in 1944. His wife, known universally as ‘Mrs T’, and son, Kevin, run the business with the same blend of warmth, mechanical know-how, and uncompromising attention to detail. This is a rental company built on relentless customer service, well-tuned engine power, and love. Yes, we get you to where you want to go, but we want you to feel the magic of the journey too.


Best training and safety record on the island

Our attention to detail starts even before you get your hands on our wheels. If you’re a novice, we’ll make sure you’re absolutely confident before we send you on your way. Our YouDrive driving tuition system has helped hundreds of thousands of beginners set out on their own to explore. We do the job well, which is why Elbow Beach Cycles has by far the best safety record among Bermuda’s vehicle rental companies.


Newest fleet in Bermuda

We’re continually investing in new vehicles. In fact, ours is the newest rental fleet in Bermuda, composed entirely of vehicles built to our own specification. It offers you masses of choice from compact and economy to full-sized, premium, and adventure sports models.


Taking care of the world

In 2011, we became the first and only rental company to offer the latest 5th generation of environmentally friendly electric bicycles and electric scooters. With stylish European lines and the world’s most advanced long-life batteries, our electric bicycles give you mile after mile of whisper-quiet riding pleasure. Every emission-free mile you ride is good for the planet.


With you all the way

Wherever you are – before, during, and after your rental period – we’re there too. “Only the best for our guests” from start to finish.

  • Friendly, family business welcomes you to its heart
  • Advice on anything to do with Bermuda, including what to see and where to go
  • Better with Bermuda’s newest fleet
  • Wide choice of vehicles to suit your stature and driving ability
  • YouDrive – the best training on the island, absolutely free
  • The largest private, varied-terrain training course on the island
  • Price promise – book online, and we guarantee to give you our best price
  • Free drop-off and pick-up of rental vehicles – anywhere on the island
  • Full tank of gas or fully charged battery to start you off
  • Every vehicle serviced and polished before each rental
  • RoadsideAssist breakdown cover – you won’t need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there


Getting started is easy. You can call to book your scooter or bicycle, or book online for an instant 10% discount. Do it now.