A Walk To Hog Bay Park Bermuda

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Hog Bay Park Bermuda

Are you searching for the perfect place to get away from it all in Bermuda? Then you will be in heaven at Hog Bay Park.

It is a tranquil secluded beach in Sandy’s parish. This exclusive spot may seem out of the way, but it is certainly worth the journey. The walk though the wood and rock strewn trail is considered part of the experience. This compact beach is present at low tide. It has beautiful shallows heading out to 300 meters. This is the ideal spot to go swimming and snorkelling.

Tourists may also comb the stunning sandy beach. Here you can go exploring and examine the treasure trove of finds washed up or laying on the shore. You can pick up a piece of passing driftwood or go collecting shells. There are also plenty of rock pools to look out for.

The beach also welcomes visit from a rich variety of fascinating sea life, from crabs to turtles. But be alert for pesky spiny sea urchins. They may sting.  But don’t let that put you off. All in all, when on the lookout for a quiet relaxing beach in Bermuda, hop over to Hog Bay Park.

Hog Bay Park Bermuda – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles ‘Things To Do’ in Bermuda series!

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