A Great Sandwich At Hickory Stick in Bermuda!

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Hickory Stick Bermuda

A sandwich might be a common item for lunch these days, but there is a normal and somehow dull sandwich and there is a sandwich from Hickory Stick in Bermuda!

You would expect the most popular delicatessen and takeaway in Hamilton to serve the best sandwiches and that what it does! For the third year in a row, the Best of Bermuda Awards from The Bermudian have given the prize of Great Sandwich to Hickory Stick.

But tasting the greatest sandwich in Hamilton and in Bermuda comes at a price, and it is being brave enough to face the chaos that is lunch time at Hickory Stick. It is an organized chaos but it still is the busiest place in town and you will almost have to fight to deserve a great sandwich.

If you have never been to Hickory Stick, you might be asking yourself what exactly is going on there. It is like a coffee shop with a twist as you need to queue to order your food and wait to bring it to your table, a bit like a fast-food restaurant. Expect to wait for a long time if you go there at lunch time: it is a very popular spot for people working in offices all around.

The chaos starts when you are waiting with a few other people and a waitress is shouting to ask you, or the person standing next to you, whether you want some sauce with your sandwich! You will need to be attentive and responsive but this will totally be worth your wait. The sandwiches at Hickory Stick are overstuffed and you will not be hungry for a while after finishing one, if you can finish it. Even the prices are great and very reasonable compared to what is charged on the island for sandwiches,

For those who are staying in Hamilton for a vacation or are passing through the city on the way to a day out, it is a good idea to stop by Hickory Stick to get sandwiches for the picnic and avoid the lunch time queues. The deli doesn’t do just sandwiches and you can also get wraps, hot dogs, chicken parmesan, fish cakes, salads and even sushi.

There is almost everything you would want as sandwich fillings: tuna fish, chicken breast, turkey, egg salad, corned beef, ham, honey mustard chicken, bologni, chicken salad, pastrami and even jelly or peanut butter. You can build your sandwich to order to find your perfect one with toppings such as various cheeses, melted or not, onions, banana pepper, green pepper, salad, tomatoes, cucumber… as well as many dressings and pickles. That is why everyone’s great sandwich is at Hickory Stick.

If you have still room after your massive lunch, Hickory Stick also does scones, doughnuts as well as coffee to wash it all down!

If you know in advance what you will be having and only want to pick it up and take it away, you can order by phone and skip the queue. It might be a bit difficult to find the place as it is at the street level of an office building and doesn’t have a big sign. Follow the reverse trail of people with take away bags and big smiles on their faces.


2 Church St,

The Hickory Stick has been brilliantly reviewed on the travel site Trip Advisor. This makes it one of the most popular restaurants on the island

One member of the Trip Advisor community had this to say:

Soup and sandwiches made to order. Fast, convenient and good value.

Another reviewer commented:

We stopped here for sandwiches to take to the beach. What a great find. The sandwiches were made fresh, and they were stuffed with meat. We got a large turkey sub. It was a great deal.


The Hickory Stick,

2 Church St,

Tel: 441-292-1781

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