World Rugby Classic

Each year, eight teams of star players relive their glory days as they compete for the world’s elite veterans rugby prize. An amazing spectacle.

Pass the ball, not the savings

Rugby events are traditionally winter affairs, with penalties plugged in mud and kicked through rain and mist. Cancel that thought. Transport your favourite sport to a paradise island of short sleeves, warm skies, sparkling seas, and pink sands. Then add world-class pros.

This is rugby, but not as you know it. Factor in the chance to mingle with top-drawer former players over a Black Seal Rum or two in the Touchline Tavern, and the World Rugby Classic guarantees you five days of unrivalled fun. But one thing you really do want to avoid is the scrum for scooter and hybrid electric bike rentals. To cross the line in fine style

About the World Rugby Classic

The World Rugby Classic takes place every November in mild mid-Atlantic weather. The worst that can happen is that you might just have to wrap a woolly round your shoulders for an evening game. This delightful event draws retired pros from all over the world. But don’t think for a moment that over-33 means over the hill. These guys (and gals) are fit, competitive, and ready to run through the Bermuda Sea Wall.

The Classic is a big event here, one that tests our hospitality to the max, as we organise digs, food, and people into a rugger-mad reality. The eight teams play at least two games. For added spice, there’s a Bermuda national team game and an international ladies’ tournament. It’s fun and frenzied and the global media go crazy for it.

Rugby’s big in Bermuda. In the sport’s golden age, from the late 70s to early 90s, big names flocked to the island, delighting fans with their skill on the pitch and their friendliness off it. In those days, rumour had it that a case of beer could be enough to bribe your way onto the other side of the white lines.

Don’t miss a kick

In 2012, the Classic celebrates its silver anniversary from 11th to 17th November. You won’t want to miss a single match, try, or after-game party. To save enough for that first case of beer