Norwegian Star Having A Fun Fourth of July At Heritage Wharf

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You will be in a state of euphoria when the cruise ship Norwegian Star docks at Heritage Wharf, in Bermuda, on the 4th of July. This spectacular Dawn class vessel is scheduled to appear at eight o’clock in the morning.She will be a fixture of the island for two fantastic days. This will give passengers a wonderful stay in Bermuda, before setting off at five in the afternoon on Friday the 6th of July. There are sure to be fireworks when the Norwegian Star pulls into Bermuda this American Independence day.

This noteworthy Norwegian Cruise Line vessel will be making a number of trips to the island this month. The cruise ship first laid down in 2000 will arrive at Heritage Wharf for a two day stopover on three further occasions in July. She will next be back on Wednesday the 11th of July at 8am, before departing at 5pm on Friday the 13th of July. But this will be lucky for passengers heading home with a hatful of memories of their time on the island.

The Norwegian Star will come back to Bermuda on the succeeding Wednesday, the 18th of July, at eight in the morning. Travellers will then have two exciting days touring round Bermuda, before leaving at five o’clock on Friday the 20th.

The cruise ship shall then head back to Heritage Wharf on the 25th of July at the same time; 8am. She will be docked on the berth until five o’clock on the evening of Friday the 27th of July, for another fun packed trip.

There is always a reason to celebrate when the Norwegian Star shines in Bermuda.

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*Please note this schedule is subject to change without notice. Compiled by the Department of Marine and Ports Services.

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