MS Veendam To Head Back To Ham 5/6 In Bermuda On July 3rd

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MS Veendam

The Statendam-class cruise ship the MS Veendam will be making an auspicious stop at Bermuda on Tuesday the 3rd of July. It will be arriving at Ham 5/6 at 0800.

The Veendam will be moored at the berth for three days. This is prior to its departure on Friday the 6th of July at one thirty in the afternoon.

The MS Veendam is a classical vessel with a contemporary touch originally made by the Italian shipbuilders Fincantieri, with headquarters in Trieste. The ship has been in service since 1996 but was given a massive overhaul three years ago. The Veendam is the final ship of its class belonging to the Holland America line. This is the Anglo-US company dating back to 1873, when it was known as the Netherlands-America Steamship Company. The cruise line originally called Rotterdam its home but it is now based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

It was back in 2009 when numerous exciting additions were made to the Veendam. These included having beautiful balcony cabins fitted to the rear of the vessel, many with aft facing verandas. The Veendam additionally has luxury Lana cabins with private promenade decks, accessible by sliding doors made of glass. The cruise ship boasts relaxing spa cabins, with all the modern conveniences and facilities. The Veendam also has the finest state rooms with excellent 21st Century decoration and interior design.

The Veendam is all ready to make several trips to Bermuda in July. She will dock at Ham 5/6 again on Tuesday the 10th of July at eight in the morning. She will stay for three days, before leaving at 1.30pm on the 13th of July.

The cruise ship will then come back to the berth the following Tuesday, the 17th of July, at eight in the morning. The ship will then stay for another three days, prior to its one thirty departure on the 20th.

The Veendam will then arrive back at Bermuda in the subsequent two Tuesdays, the 24th and the 31st. She will be docked at the island the same amount of time, for three days, before heading off again.

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*Please note this schedule is subject to change without notice. Compiled by the Department of Marine and Ports Services.

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