Bermuda Voted Holiday Destination Of The Year for 2011

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

Bermuda Flag

It comes to no surprise to many that Bermuda is one of the top tourist destinations, a place where sun, beaches of pink sand, quiet crystal blue waters, tropical lush vegetation and luxurious resorts can be found as well as a several restaurants and many nightlife spots. All year long, the Department of Tourism works hard to make the island more and more attractive to visitors and make sure that everyone on the island can benefit from it. These efforts have been rewarded with the 2011 Top Destination of the Year, a title given by Expedia, Inc., the owner and operator of the the online travel website

This award that makes Bermuda the destination of the year for tourists was given in January to the Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert in Nassau, Bahamas. It was done during the Expedia’s Marketing Awards ceremony organised in conjunction with the Council of Ministers of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.

It was not only the natural beauty of the island that made Bermuda the destination of the year, but the fact that it has demonstrated the same motivation commitment and partnership than tourist destinations much bigger than Bermuda. It has been a decade that Expedia has been working with Bermuda and the dedication of the island to tourism has impressed the marketing team of the online travel company.

The work done by the Department of Tourism to promote Bermuda as the destination of the year includes coordinated seasonal offers, an annual marketing presence in the close and massive markets of the United States and the Canada, as well as the popular market of the United Kingdom. The island also benefits from a consistent branding look and feel and a unique try something new attitude towards tourism.

The climate and the islands of this part of the world are some of the more popular destinations for tourists. The previous year, Expedia gave its award of Destination of the Year to Jamaica which was leading the list of 24 other Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean islands.

At this year ceremony, the establishment Coco Reef, a beachfront hotel in Paget Parish close from Elbow Beach, was awarded the prize of Hotel Partner of the Year. These recognitions are very significant given that Expedia, Inc. is the owner and operator of many world-known brands such as, TripAdvisor,, Egencia, and Classic Vacations. Through all its brands, Expedia, Inc. books more than 60 million gross room nights every year, making it the world’s leading online travel company.

It is another reason to come and visit our island and see by yourselves why Bermuda is the destination of the year! Its residents play without a doubt an important part in the reputation of the island as a great place to spend your holidays and you will be welcomed like friends everywhere you will go. There is everything you need in Bermuda to have the best time, whether you like sports, food, being pampered or lazy in the sun.

See you in 2012!

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